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35 days and Bro Brahs Drinking PBR while Noel and I Blowwww It UP!


Wait for it... Oh you'll see what it is....


Deep is what it is......


Deeper..Noel came with his A game...


I did ok...

Pic of the Day...


All smiles.

Happy New Year….


Yo Yo ~ hope all had a great New Years!
8 Rows back, Jimmy side at a Panic concert is never a bad way to spend New Years.

Peace in the New Year

Merry Christmas


Berthoud 12-16-10


Silverton, A little Boney


The Gulch


The Bench….


I skied the bench last week with my buddy Derrik and the snow was really nice.  The snow was boottop all the all the way down so we made yo-yoed it 6 times which is my personal best for laps. There was one big difference this time, my heel was looked down.  Observations:  AT boots a really uncomfortable to walk in without a bello, my knees felt a lot better at the end of the day, the faster the more fun, much more powerful stance, I liked it but would have perfered teleing.   Here are a couple of pics….   I did have my camera on the shutter setting and didn’t pay attention so the pics are a little blury.. Pics of me are from Derrik.

Derrik on the way up...


Clip that tree..


We ran into Dallas and his crew.  I got a couple of pics and this made me wish I was teleing….

In the FACE...

There were quite a few follies during the day mostly on my part such as falling in the skin track, putting my skins on at the bottom of the run only to take them off again, and telling D to go left (to cross the creek) when I meant right.  Oh well work out the kinks early.

Going the way I told him to.


In the creek..


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